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Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Geospasial, ICT dan mengimplementasikan strategi Geospatial Solution di bidang pemetaan dan 3D Modelling


Agisoft Metashape is a cutting-edge software solution, with its engine core  driving photogrammetry to its ultimate limits, while the whole system is designed to deliver industry specific results relying on machine learning techniques for post-processing and analysis tasks


Esri builds the leading mapping and spatial analytics software designed to support the mission and business objectives of organizations around the globe, regardless of size. Esri’s ArcGIS products run in the cloud and on mobile devices and desktops. Explore Esri’s product offerings that match your business needs.


Autodesk is here to help you adapt to a world of remote work, changing safety protocols, and new design challenges. Get tools and resources to work more effectively and respond to opportunities for growth.


GAMMA AR is an application for monitoring construction sites. It uses augmented reality technology to overlay 3D Building Information Models (BIM) on construction sites using smartphones or tablets. Bridging the Gap between Construction Planning and Reality!

What construction professionals are able to do with GAMMA AR :
• Prevent errors and rework
• Compare planning with reality during execution
• Communicate easily between the office and the construction site


Creates complete solutions for professionals across the planet. Known for premium products and
innovative solution development, professionals in a diverse mix of industries, such as aerospace and defence, safety and security, construction, and manufacturing, trust Leica Geosystems for all their geospatial needs. With precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and trusted services, Leica Geosystems delivers value every day to those shaping the future of our world.


DJI is the global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative drone and camera technology for commercial and recreational use. DJI was founded and is run by people with a passion for remote-controlled helicopters and experts in flight-control technology and camera stabilization. The company is dedicated to making aerial technology accessible, reliable and easy to use for creators, innovators and businesses around the world.

Dalam mewujudkan tujuan kedepan menjadi salah satu perusahaan konsultan pembangunan khususnya Jasa Survei dan Pembuatan Peta, bidang Perencanaan Wilayah dan bidang jasa telematika, PT. DEIRA SYGISINDO terus berupaya berada dalam lingkaran pembangunan nasional maupun international yang semakin luas dan kompleks. Pesatnya peningkatan pembangunan di segala sektor tersebut menuntut PT. DEIRA SYGISINDO untuk terus mengembangkan layanan usahanya menjadi beberapa lingkup layanan dengan tetap mengedepankan profesionalitas manajemen dan kompetensi SDM.


Sistem Informasi Manajemen dan Telematika


Terestris, Fotogrametri, GIS, Kadastral, Geologi dan Geofisika


Pelatihan dan Pengembangan SDM


Pengembangan Sarana Transportasi, Legislasi/Peraturan Bidang Transportasi, Sub-Bidang Transportasi Lainnya


▪ Terestris.
▪ Penginderaan. Jauh/Fotogrametri.
▪ Sistem Informasi Geografi.
▪ Survey Registrasi Kepemilikan. Tanah/Kadastral.
▪ Survey Geologi dan Geo sika (Non Seismik).


Sistem Informasi Geografi


Perencanaan Wilayah




GIS & Software Engineering Solution

We have developed solutions such as web-based applications to map assets or monitor field work

based Survey

We provide lidar scanning services that utilizes the latest in high definition scanning technology.

Modelling 3D

We provide modelling and analysis construction from point cloud data

Training and Support

We provide training and installation support for software and image-survey