About Us

PT Mustika Paruh Anggang is a company engaged in the field of Geospatial and implements a Geospatial Solution strategy in the field of mapping and 3D Modeling. The solution is the use of field data acquisition technology using Photogrammetry and UAV / Drone methods, Total Station and GNSS, High Resolution Satellite Imagery, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Lidar Technology and Mobile Mapping. From the results of the data acquisition, 2D / 3D modeling was carried out and visualized in standard topographic maps, 3D BIM models and can be displayed in offline and online GIS formats.

Why Choose Us

We offer several solutions from the technology that we have obtained from our partners and we have developed them to resolve your geospatial problems. Our technology follows the development of the latest systems and instruments used in geospatial mapping.


To be a leading company in BIM and GIS standard solution development.


  1. A leading company in development of spatial technology
  2. Providing best solution with expert engineer